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My wines : Philippe Cambie

My wines


Calendal, is first and foremost a story of friendship and love. Friendship between two men, Philippe Cambie and Gilles Ferran, (we did our studies in oenology together over twenty years ago) and our love for the underappreciated terroir of Provence, for our cherished varietals, Grenache and Mourvèdre, and our infatuation for the very old vines…  read more about Calendal here

Les Halos de Jupiter

According to poets, Jupiter (Zeus in Greek) is the father, the king of all gods and humans. He rules on mount Olympus and his power is such that he can shake the entire universe by a simple nod of the head. He also represents the spiritual world, organizes the exterior world and is the god of all physical, moral and social rules. According to Mircea Eliade, he is the archetypical head of a patriarchal family… read more about the Halos de Jupiter here

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