Beau Marchais is a new winery created by  American Pinot Noir producer Adam Lee and famed vintner, Philippe Cambie.

We will produce our first wines beginning with the 2019 vintage. As you are waiting for these wines, please feel free to sign up for the mailing list by clicking on the link below. You can also learn more about what we are doing by reading the remainder of this website and by signing up to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Loosely translated, “Beau Marchais” means “Beautiful Walking.”

Pierre Beaumarchais was a French playwright, inventor, musician, spy, and so much more. For the purpose of our winery, Beaumarchais was also one of the strongest supporters of France’s involvement on the side of the Colonists during the American Revolution. Prior to France officially entering the war, he set up a fake business, Roderigue Hortalez and Company, which Louis XVI used to send weapons, munitions, clothing and other supplies to the American rebels. These efforts directly led to the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga.

The idea of making this wine together is viewed by both of us as a beautiful walk together. A journey taken by colleagues, by friends, along the path of wine that we both love. And the idea of a French man, working together with Americans to promote something they both believe in – that obviously appealed as well.

Beau Marchais is all of that – friends, American and French, walking together towards a shared belief in producing transformational Pinot Noir.



The Winemakers


Adam Lee is a child of the South as well, Texas to be specific. He came to winemaking after stints in wine retail, wine wholesale, and selling wine on the restaurant floor. In 1994, he co-founded and produced Siduri Wines, named one of California’s Top 20 Pinot Noir producers. Although he sold Siduri in 2015, he continues to make those wines along with the wines from his own small winery, Clarice Wine Company. Adam also consults with several boutique wineries throughout California. You can learn more about Adam by following him on Instagram and Facebook.


Philippe Cambie is a child of the South of France. He grew up on his family’s vineyard in the Languedoc, received a diploma of Enology at the University of Montpellier. Philippe lives in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, where he produces his own wines, Les Halos de Jupiter. He also consults for wineries throughout the south of France as well as Morocco, Macedonia, and in Washington State and California. Philippe has been named Robert Parker’s Enologist of the Year and was described as “Chateauneuf-du-Pape’s driving force” by Wine Spectator. You can read more about Philippe on his website and learn more by following him on Instagram and Facebook.


 » à DEUX TETES » GRENACHES in NAPA VALLEY & SONOMA VALLEY PHIL coturri and philippe cambie

A Deux Tetes

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A two-headed monster might be more complicated but two heads are better than one. A Duex Tetes is a two-headed adventure in transcontinental winemaking conceived by two legends in their crafts.


The friendship between Philippe Cambie and Phil Coturri was almost inevitable. They are kindred spirits, bona fide Grenache-heads, hedonists who ply their trades to exacting standards. They first crossed paths on Philippe’s territory; Phil was a guest speaker at Les Printemps de Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The relationship was cemented over a meal and few bottles of wine at a 3 star restaurant in Phil’s hometown, San Francisco. By the time they were visiting Grenache vineyards in Napa and Sonoma there was a nearly simultaneous realization. Cambie wanted to express Coturri-farmed vineyards, and Coturri wanted to see what heights his Grenache could reach in the hands of Cambie.


Philippe Cambie is the legendary enology consultant behind more than fifteen 100 point Grenache and Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. He’s known as a master palate, expert blender and fermentation wizard. He consults for over 80 wine projects Avignon to Washington State.  A Deux Tetes is his first North Coast wine collaboration.


Phil Coturri is the legendary viticulturist, and pioneer of organic vineyard practices in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. He oversees over 800 acres of certified organic vineyards in the two valleys, growing grapes for numerous 95+ point wines and a dozen 100 point scores. About 65 percent of the vineyards he farms are Cabernet but he always manages to squeeze in a few acres of Grenache wherever he goes, even on the hallowed hillsides of Oakville.


A Deux Tetes produces three limited production wines: Napa Valley Grenache rosé, Oakville Ranch Grenache and Rossi Ranch Grenache.

The Wines

A Deux Tetes produces three limited production wines: Napa Valley Grenache rosé, Oakville Ranch Grenache and Rossi Ranch Grenache.


Oakville Ranch Grenache 

  • Planted in a natural amphitheater on the western edge of the Vaca range.
  • Gobelet trained vines on terraces facing east and west.
  • Volcanic bedrock from the Tertiary Era (Napa Volcanics), shallow and very rocky soils, red dirt reminiscent of the Rhone.
  • Gets very hot in the summer, but cools down at night (low 50’s to high 90’s).
  • Dry farmed, regenerative soil practices (cover crops, compost, minimal tillage).
  • Surrounded by wild land and has abundant wildlife (bears, boars, bobcats and mountain lions, etc.)

Rossi Ranch Grenache

  • Well-drained, deep soils, derived from ash flow, very rocky, soft red hills.
  • Planted on a soft, SW facing slope, vines are 13 yo.
  • Regenerative soil practices (cover crops, compost, minimal tillage), polyculture (Olives, goats, truffle orchard,…) in order to ensure a balanced ecosystem.
  • 50°F diurnal shifts allow tannins to ripen and color to deepen.
  • Ranch dedicated to Rhone varietals due to ideal climate and reminiscent soils




kenzo a napa superbe étoile japonais !!

«Kenzo» rejoint la culture culinaire d’élite de la Napa Valley aux côtés des trois restaurants étoilés Michelin, notamment The French Laundry et The Restaurant at Meadowood. Kenzo et Natsuko Tsujimoto, propriétaires du domaine Kenzo, rêvaient depuis longtemps de créer une expérience culinaire japonaise authentique et élégante dans la vallée de Napa. Restaurateurs déjà expérimentés avec quatre superbes restaurants Kenzo Estate et des salles de dégustation dans leur Japon natal, le couple a passé des années à concrétiser leur vision et leur concept de marque à Napa. Les menus de saison inventifs de l’équipe culinaire de Kenzo Napa associent la tradition japonaise à des techniques et à une présentation novatrices. Le résultat ne manquera pas de ravir les sens et de transformer toutes les perceptions de la cuisine japonaise. Les saveurs exquises et riches des véritables spécialités japonaises Edomae Sushi et Kaiseki sont créées à partir d’ingrédients importés quotidiennement du marché du poisson frais le plus acclamé au monde, le Toyosu.




Chiba Needle Fish Kobujime
aichi japanese yam, cucumber and ume pickled plum


Seasonal Hassun
hokkaido cherry salmon and broccoli rabe with egg yolk vinegar
blue shrimp shinjo wrapped in brussels sprouts, simmered sonoma duck breast bamboo shoots with dried bonito and sweetened cherry tomato


Chiba Sillago Owan
dashi broth, green pea dumpling and bamboo shoots


Mie Grouper Sashimi
myoga ginger buds, shiso leaves and ponzu


Miyazaki Hatsu Katsuo Bonito Okakiage
young corn, ginger, chives and japanese sansho pepper miso


Seared Nagasaki Sea Eel and Anago Tofu shizuoka wasabi and sweetened soy sauce


Satsuma Wagyu Tenderloin Kuwayaki, Kenzo Estate “rindo” Reduction green asparagus and hokkaido sea urchin sabayon


Chef’s Selection of Sushi served with red miso soup

Chef’s Featured Desserts

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Avant de diriger l’un des meilleurs restaurants d’Amérique, Michael Tusk, originaire du New Jersey, s’est initié à l’art. Il est diplômé en histoire de l’art de l’Université de Tulane. Ayant une affinité pour la cuisine, Tusk se rendit à l’Institut culinaire américain à Hyde Park, à New York; Après avoir obtenu son diplôme, il voyage en Europe et cuisine dans des restaurants étoilés en France et en Italie.
Tusk est rentré aux États-Unis en 1988, cette fois-ci sur la côte ouest de San Francisco, où il a fait la cuisine aux célèbres Stars et Chez Panisse. Quinze ans plus tard, Tusk et son épouse, Lindsay, ont ouvert Quince à North Beach, au 470 Pacific Avenue. Ici, Tusk et son équipe s’inspirent de son séjour en Italie avec un menu de dégustation contemporain à plusieurs plats à 275 $ par personne. Quince a été récompensé par une étoile Michelin dans la première édition du Guide de San Francisco en 2007, gagnant deux fois en 2014 et une troisième en 2017. Tusk se procure la plupart de ses ingrédients pour le restaurant de Fresh Run Farm dans la ville voisine de Bolinas. Peter Martinelli, agriculteur, cultive plus de 40 variétés de fruits, de légumes et de fleurs patrimoniaux exclusivement pour le restaurant; Tusk appelle Martinelli une « grande inspiration ».

nous avons assurément fait une de mes meilleures experiences culinaire aux USA









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