Côtes du Rhône

Vignoble Tyrand Charles (2001 until today)
Jean Michel Tyrand
26170 Mollans-sur-ouvèze
Téléphone :
Fax :

La Gramière (2008 until today)
165, route d’Uzès
30700 Saint Quentin la Poterie
Tel: +33(0)4


  1. Sunny Park

    Hi Dear,

    This is “Vino Campos” wine import company in Seoul, Korea. We been searching for good and high quality wine from France and we found that “Jupiter vacqueyras” is very interested.

    I am going to introduce myself, my name is Sunny I have over 10 years of exprience in wine sales, marketing and import here in Korea so now we are starting our own business, we have a wide range of costumers in restaurants, wine shops and wholesale market to distribute.

    I have been in the last Vinexpo in Hong Kong but I could not find your winery so I would like to know if is possible to receive information and price about “Jupiter vacqueyras” wine. Thank you.

    Best regards,


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