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A Deux Tetes

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A two-headed monster might be more complicated but two heads are better than one. A Duex Tetes is a two-headed adventure in transcontinental winemaking conceived by two legends in their crafts.


The friendship between Philippe Cambie and Phil Coturri was almost inevitable. They are kindred spirits, bona fide Grenache-heads, hedonists who ply their trades to exacting standards. They first crossed paths on Philippe’s territory; Phil was a guest speaker at Les Printemps de Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The relationship was cemented over a meal and few bottles of wine at a 3 star restaurant in Phil’s hometown, San Francisco. By the time they were visiting Grenache vineyards in Napa and Sonoma there was a nearly simultaneous realization. Cambie wanted to express Coturri-farmed vineyards, and Coturri wanted to see what heights his Grenache could reach in the hands of Cambie.


Philippe Cambie is the legendary enology consultant behind more than fifteen 100 point Grenache and Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. He’s known as a master palate, expert blender and fermentation wizard. He consults for over 80 wine projects Avignon to Washington State.  A Deux Tetes is his first North Coast wine collaboration.


Phil Coturri is the legendary viticulturist, and pioneer of organic vineyard practices in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. He oversees over 800 acres of certified organic vineyards in the two valleys, growing grapes for numerous 95+ point wines and a dozen 100 point scores. About 65 percent of the vineyards he farms are Cabernet but he always manages to squeeze in a few acres of Grenache wherever he goes, even on the hallowed hillsides of Oakville.


A Deux Tetes produces three limited production wines: Napa Valley Grenache rosé, Oakville Ranch Grenache and Rossi Ranch Grenache.

The Wines

A Deux Tetes produces three limited production wines: Napa Valley Grenache rosé, Oakville Ranch Grenache and Rossi Ranch Grenache.


Oakville Ranch Grenache 

  • Planted in a natural amphitheater on the western edge of the Vaca range.
  • Gobelet trained vines on terraces facing east and west.
  • Volcanic bedrock from the Tertiary Era (Napa Volcanics), shallow and very rocky soils, red dirt reminiscent of the Rhone.
  • Gets very hot in the summer, but cools down at night (low 50’s to high 90’s).
  • Dry farmed, regenerative soil practices (cover crops, compost, minimal tillage).
  • Surrounded by wild land and has abundant wildlife (bears, boars, bobcats and mountain lions, etc.)

Rossi Ranch Grenache

  • Well-drained, deep soils, derived from ash flow, very rocky, soft red hills.
  • Planted on a soft, SW facing slope, vines are 13 yo.
  • Regenerative soil practices (cover crops, compost, minimal tillage), polyculture (Olives, goats, truffle orchard,…) in order to ensure a balanced ecosystem.
  • 50°F diurnal shifts allow tannins to ripen and color to deepen.
  • Ranch dedicated to Rhone varietals due to ideal climate and reminiscent soils




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